Empty Homes Initiative
What We Do
LALS is an independent non-profit social housing provider managing homes in the SE England, who are part of the ‘Landlord Accreditation Scheme. (LLAS)
Our work with social housing providers is key in helping us improve the quality of life of London's most deprived communities and the areas where they live.

We place great importance on developing long-term relationships with all of our clients; and work with them to deliver affordable homes that improve quality of life for the wider population. We are highly successful at negotiating leasing residential properties consents.

Working with social housing providers, private landlords and the Homes Communities Agency (HCA) to deliver good quality affordable housing for local people in the London and Home Counties who cannot afford market prices. The lack of affordable homes in London & Home Counties is a problem. There is currently a clear mismatch between local incomes and house prices. In fact evidence shows that to buy a modest property, you would need to borrow 6-7 times the average annual income.

We will:

  • Liaise with developers to maximize affordable housing through the planning system.
  • Work with private sector landlords, assist housing associations and registered social landlords to proactively bring forward affordable housing in all tenures and in all London and home counties areas.
  • Develop subsidized affordable housing by working with registered social landlords to provide rented and intermediate housing to those otherwise unable to afford market rent accommodation or owner occupation.
  • Strive to provide affordable housing by working with private sector landlords to bring empty properties back into use.
  • Seek to provide affordable housing for local people in affluent expensive parts of London and Home counties areas where homes are simply out of local low income families to assess.
  • With partners, develop policies and a Housing Strategy which ensures that maximum new affordable housing is delivered. LALS are currently involved in working the current government in exploring opportunities implementing best practice in housing young single homeless (16-25 year olds) ensuring that housing is of high quality and meets their needs, rather than being a market response to the stalling in the housing market, and a means of bypassing affordable quality housing.
What we do
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We work with social housing and private landlords
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We provide temporary housing to families who are homeless or need support
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We provide tenancy services; allocating housing and rent /service charge collection
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We carry out a wide range of repair and maintenance work on properties
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We bring empty homes back into use on behalf of local authorities and landlords