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Landlord Information
Full Management
In addition to our Tenant Introduction Only service, we offer full management of your property throughout the period that you wish to let it for. This includes all items listed in our introduction service, plus:
  • Collection of Rents
  • Regular property visits
  • Dealing with maintenance issues and arranging any works required.
This is a comprehensive service which removes all contact with the tenants.

Repairs & Maintenance

We will agree with you in advance the level of responsibility that you wish us to have in relation to repairs and replacements and act accordingly, often without the need to consult you further. We hold a float in your client account to cover these eventualities and issue monthly reports detailing any costs incurred through maintenance, attaching relevant invoices. We have relationships with very good contractors, but are happy to use any contractor of your choice. In the case of major repairs, we will discuss the implications based on estimates and, upon instruction, supervise the necessary works on your behalf. Where there is an emergency, it is often best to act first to save further damage to the property and in such instances, we will expect tenants to contact us immediately in order to assess the situation and act appropriately.

Acting as Your Agent

We visit your property within the first month of the tenancy and then every four months, paying particular attention to condition and how the tenant is looking after the property, reporting back to you with our findings. We will organise renewals of agreements, if appropriate, as well as serving the relevant Housing Act notices at the correct times for you to regain possession. As your Agent, we will also execute and sign all documentation on your behalf and instigate annual rent reviews in line with the RPI. If the tenant decides to move on at the end of their fixed term and you wish to continue to let the property, we will go through the process of introducing another suitable tenant to move in soon after it becomes vacant, thus restricting the void period. At the end of the financial year we send you a complete statement of account in a format that is accepted by the IR and if you are resident overseas, we take responsibility for paying the tax on your rental income, unless you have gained an exemption (discussed later).


Prior to checking in, we will collect the first month's rent from the tenant (from which our introductory fee is taken), together with a dilapidations deposit (equivalent to six weeks' rent and a minimum of 1000). We will then arrange for subsequent rents to be paid by direct debit into your nominated bank or building society account. We would expect the balance, net of management fee and any maintenance costs, to be paid to you within 14 days of our receipt of the rent.


We collect and hold the dilapidations deposit in a Government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme account. When tenants are checked out of the property, an assessment is made of any redecoration or minor repairs which cannot reasonably be accepted as fair wear and tear, using the original inventory and schedule of dilapidations as a benchmark. Following estimates, we agree with both you and the tenant the amount of the deposit to be witheld (if any) and return the net amount to the tenant. Should there be a dispute that we cannot resolve ourselves, the matter will be put to the arbitrator of the tenant deposit scheme who will independently weigh up the case and whose decision will be final.