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Empty Homes Initiative
Section 12 of the Act introduces new Section 218A of the Housing Act 1996, which places a new requirement on all local housing authorities, to bring empty homes into use.
New powers, known as Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs) were introduced in England from April 2006. These allow councils with housing responsibilities to take over the management of some residential properties that have been empty for more than six months. This additional power has been made available to local authorities with housing responsibilities through the Housing Act 2004. It can be used from 6th July 2006 and is intended to be one element of an empty property strategy.

LALS is working with Local Authorities in bringing back empty homes back into management. One of the major factors in property being left empty is that of lack of finance. There are several funding options that are available to owners of empty properties, and have successfully jointly brought back over 238 properties back into use for housing homeless families working in partnership with Local Authorities and private landlords. Tackling the issue of empty properties, by encouraging owners to bring their properties back into use, has been our expertise.

Working to Government guidelines we work to there 26 methods of bringing an empty home back into use, which includes advice, grants, leasing schemes and enforcement methods such as the new Empty Dwelling Management Orders.

LALS works proactively to bring empty homes back into use. This has resulted in the some successes, in the years 2004/2005 117 properties were either demolished or brought back into use as a result of our interventions. One of the local authority we have worked with has since gained Beacon Status and are very proud to have been a part of it all. The Beacon Status identifies excellence and innovation in local government. It is much more than just a badge, however. The scheme exists to share good practice so that 'best value' authorities can learn from each other and deliver high quality services to all, LALS are very proud to have been part of this.

LALS aims to improve privately owned homes and their neighbourhoods. We make homes healthy, safe, secure and warm by bringing empty homes by into use we make very good neighbourhoods clean, desirable and safe by clearing or face-lifting blocks of homes and providing environmental improvements within renewal areas.

Do you own an empty property or know of one? Report it now by contacting us.